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Editorial Chair: June Halper, MSN, ANP, FAAN

Editorial Board: Denise Corey, RN; Sue Sauer, RN; Carol Saunders, BSN; Liz Swords, MS

Spasticity includes seven major symptoms, referred to in this publication as the Spasticity Symptom Chain. The seven major symptom complexes are altered mobility, safety issues, bowel and bladder problems, sexual difficulties, cognitive and emotional problems, altered comfort and hygiene, and sleep disruption and fatigue. Each issue of Spasticity Watch provides detailed information about and addresses treatment options unique to a symptom complex in the chain. Case studies will be included to illustrate the challenges faced by spasticity patients and their caregivers. 

Past Issues  

Altered Mobility, July 2000
Altered Comfort/Hygiene, March 2001
Bowel/Bladder Dysfunction, January 2001
Cognitive Dysfunction, November 2001
Depression, July 2001
Emotional Implications of Spasticity, March 2002
Fatigue, August 2000
Frequently Asked Questions, January 2002
Nonpharmacologic Treatments of Spasticity, November 2002
Noxious stimuli, July 2002
Noxious stimuli - part II, September 2002
Pharmacotherapy, May 2002
Sexual Dysfunction, October 2000
Sleep Disturbances, September 2001
Social Isolation, May 2001

Letters to the Editor

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59 YO female with abdominal cramping
Baclofen dosing
Pediatric spasticity
Drugs that increase muscle tone in spasticity
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